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At Allianz Partners, we provide peace of mind to you clients with transparent, simple and intuitive solutions, supporting customers throughout key moments of life, fully digitalized with the ‘human touch’. Our approach to helping people sets us apart, because we believe technology should always have a heart. With a presence in 75 countries, we have helped handle over 72 millions cases. 85% of our premises are powered by renewable energy


BNI is the world’s leading business referral organization supporting 299,000 Member businesses in over 75 countries worldwide. In 2022, BNI Members generated USD20.6 billion in revenue via more than 13 million referrals. BNI Members are actively supported by regional, national, and global BNI staff that provide the training, structure, and technology needed to help them grow their businesses and exceed their goals.

Viva Mastery Consultancy is a business coaching firm and has been in the business since November 2016. Our clients are small business enterprises owners looking for ways to improve their business through coaching.